Sea fishing in Crimea

We invite you to visit exciting fishing on a boat or yacht in Balaklava!

Balaklava in translation from Turkish – Fish Nest (Balyk-juve) and this is not accidental, since the water area and bays of Balaklava (Sevastopol) are rich in various species of fish. Here they catch: mullet, horse mackerel, bluefish, sea bass, barbul (sultanka), garfish, haddock. The Black Sea fish, although not large, has unique beneficial properties and unique taste. Having once tasted fresh fish caught by your own hand, you will never forget its taste!

Balaklava Rest organizes fishing for you on a boat or yacht in Crimea (Balaklava, Sevastopol) at any time. Fishing routes are very different and depend on the location of the schools of fish. We use an echo sounder, so you won’t be left without a fish! Having ordered fishing with us you will receive: a fast boat with all the amenities, served at a convenient time for you, comfortable accommodation for guests, fishing tackle and a lot of impressions!

Morning Fishing Tour for those who want to see the sunrise on the sea, see the awakening of the Crimean nature and go fishing in the dawn silence. Enjoy the splendor of the moment, and we will provide you with all the necessary equipment for a successful catch.

Departure to the sea on the Triton boat from Balaklava at 6:00 a.m., duration 4 hours, tour cost 8,000 rubles.

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Daytime sea fishing will appeal to everyone, especially women and children. There is no need to wait a long time for a bite, toss and pull out the “gold” fish. At the end of fishing, you can take a swim in the open sea, sunbathe or ride on a cheesecake, and for lunch try the crispy freshly caught fish you skillfully prepared by our cook. A luxury yacht, a merry company, wonderful sea views, fish caught with your own hands will give you a storm of emotions and a lot of pleasant sensations.

Duration and time of exit by agreement. The cost of fishing in the daytime – from 10 000 rubles. in hour. The total capacity of the yacht is 10 people.

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When the heat subsides, horsefish and merlanga pecks well, you can catch enough fish for dinner in the evening! Come to evening fishing in Balaklava alone, with friends or the whole family, relieve fatigue, swim in the gentle sea, meet the sunset on boat and get all the fun at a good discount.

Departure to the sea by boat from Balaklava at approximately 18.00 hours. Average duration 4 hours. Payment by arrangement.

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Night fishing on a boat – for real trophy fish hunters who know that the biggest fish is caught in Crimea at night.

Departure to the sea by boat from Balaklava for the whole night at 9 p.m. – 10 p.m. (by agreement). The cost of night fishing is 10,000 rubles. The price includes gear, bait, snacks and drinks.

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