Rest on a yacht in the Crimea

To come to Crimea and spend the long-awaited vacation lying on the beach among a crowd of tourists is a dull prospect. We offer you something special. Take off your yacht or boat in Balaclava and spend at least a few hours on the high seas, alone with nature.

Many hesitate to rent a yacht or boat, mistakenly believing that this is entertainment for the rich. Balaklava Rest debunks these myths. We are not a global corporation, we do not have many ships, but we love our small enterprise and value every client.

boat trips Sevastopol

Boat or yacht trip

A walk can be ordered at any time – from 3 000 rubles. in an hour.
You will ride through the wide expanses of the Balaklava Bay with a breeze or slowly enjoy wonderful views from the sea. At your request, we will arrange for you to rest on a yacht in the Crimea, alone with your loved one and a light candlelit dinner against the backdrop of the Crimean sunset.

Boat fishing

We will organize fishing for you at any time of the day: morning, afternoon, evening or night. Fishing, with the preparation of freshly caught fish by our cook, costs from 8,000 rubles. for 4 hours.  For this cost you will receive: fishing tackle, a fast boat with all amenities, served at a convenient time for you, comfortable accommodation of guests and a lot of impressions!
Sea-fishing-Crimea- (balaclava, Sevastopol)
yacht wedding in crimea

Holidays and parties on a yacht, boat

We will organize a banquet, wedding, corporate party or just a party at the highest level, and we will always agree on a price. Organization of the event on board the yacht will allow you to save valuable time on preparing the feast, and the holiday itself will be remembered for a long time. Skating on a cheesecake – 6,000 rubles. per hour.

Take off your yacht, boat in Balaclava,

and we will make sure that you are satisfied with absolutely everything!

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