Boat trip in Crimea

Balaklava Rest invites you to a boat trip on a yacht in the Crimea!

Boat trip on a yacht or boat is a great substitute for a beach holiday in Balaclava, an ideal way to break away from the everyday hustle and bustle. You will comfortably spend your best day, enjoying the stunning views of the Crimean coast and feel the beauty of the sea.

Boat trip is an unforgettable vacation for the whole family or a group of friends. On board a comfortable yacht or boat, you can get together for any reason, take a break from the hustle or bustle or just take a photo shoot. During the walk, you can have a fun and pleasant time: enjoy the stunning views of the Crimean coast, get acquainted with the sights of the Crimea, Balaklava, Sevastopol, Sochi, see dolphins, swim in the open sea, sunbathe or enjoy a cheesecake and enjoy delicious dishes from freshly caught seafood.

Boat trips on a yacht or boat can be ordered at any time. The cost and duration is calculated individually (from 3 000 rubles per hour). The total capacity of the yacht is 10 people. Skating on a cheesecake – 6,000 rubles. per hour.

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Slowly ride the sea with your loved one along the coast – what could be more romantic? Surprise your loved one: book a romantic boat trip on the open sea! Such a meeting will be remembered for a long time, it will leave only pleasant impressions and vivid emotions. A snow-white yacht, gorgeous views, clear sea, champagne and only the two of you – this is not forgotten!

We are sensitive to such events and organize it according to your preferences. You can book a walk for a day or evening, with a romantic light feast or with stops in the picturesque bays. We will try to realize any of your desires.

Boat trips on a yacht can be booked at your convenience. All its nuances, cost, duration are agreed in advance and calculated individually.

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At your request, we will organize rest on a yacht according to the All Inclusive program: leisurely walk with stops in picturesque bays where you can swim, sunbathe, fish and enjoy the beauties of Crimea and Balaklava. In the meantime, our chef will prepare lunch for you according to a pre-agreed menu.

The maximum number of guests on one yacht is 10 people, and the duration of rest is from 5 to 10 hours. When ordering a yacht for the whole day, you get a good discount! Skating on a cheesecake – 6,000 rubles. per hour.

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